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Ready to take charge of your life?

Got any dreams packed away that you’ve given up on? Well, get ready to unpack them with this magical life-coaching experience.

Once upon a time, there was a raw diamond hidden inside me…

If you’ve ever thought, “What am I doing with my life? Is this as good as it gets?”, well, so have I. So have most of us, if we’re honest. But if you’ve just let the thought pass and carried on, stoically putting up with all the stuff you’d like to change, stop right there because we at Muddy have found you a fairy godmother.

Without sounding like I’ve swallowed a self-help guru, do you want to be happy with who you are? Trust that you can make decisions for yourself? Just live a great, fulfilled life? Spell Your Life can give you all that, and more. In fact, we reckon your happily every after really does exist!

Founded by former corporate travel consultant Claudia Unger, Spell Your Life is a life-coaching experience designed to help mainly women (not exclusively though, you men can come too) change their lives for the better. These courses are different from other coaching courses in that a lovely shiny plump package plops onto your doorstep every two weeks with all of the materials you’ll need to change your life (although there are options to have one-to-one coaching or a fully virtual experience, too). It’s created for women who outwardly look like they have it all but feel like inside something is missing – you know, those women who should be so blessed, feel like they can’t complain, don’t understand why they are not completely content…oh yeah, that’s you and me! – this is self help, coaching and a large dose of inner gazing all wrapped up in a glistening, exciting fairy ribbon so you can design your own future.

How does it work?

Well, by tapping into the inner wisdom that lies at the core of every person. If this sounds a bit airy-fairy, don’t be fooled, finding out what makes you tick, grounding yourself and harnessing the magic you hold within you is the key to unlocking your potential and making your dreams come true. Claudia knows as she’s been on just such a journey of self-discovery, reclaiming her life and empowering herself to change her life for the better.

The courses take a holistic approach to its life-enhancing goal, looking at five core areas – body, mind, soul, movement and nature – all key to unlocking your potential, and all vitally important in contributing towards a balanced life. Indeed, Claudia explains that balance is an art form and we practice it every day: some of us more gracefully than others. We need balance to walk and move but also we need a work-life balance, and this comes through Body (our diet), Mind (our outlook and how open we are to new experiences), Soul (spirituality, mindfulness and meditation as well as yogic practices and prayer), Nature (our environment and the natural world, remembering to take your shoes off once in a while and walk barefoot in the sand, even just glancing up at the sky and enjoying nature’s beauty) and finally Movement (creating a flow of energy which can lead to action, change and the hope for good things to come.)

Is this for me?

Well, ask yourself a few questions: do you think that there should be something more to your life? Do you feel in your heart that you’re not fulfilling your life’s purpose? That you don’t even know what it is? That you’re just a bit…lost? Or maybe it’s the opposite – maybe you’re tired of running around in circles – you’re your own worst enemy, you’ve got a crazy busy job, house, car, family, you make too many promises to friends and family and are too busy to find time for yourself. Maybe you have too many wishes (yes, too many wishes! Can you name just one thing? Can you even name the thing that’s top of your list?) that you’d like to come true. Maybe you are impulsive or get angry over nothing, you doubt yourself or you’ve been let down, you’re insecure about your choices or you’re stopping yourself moving forwards. If you recognise yourself in any of this then yes, these courses are for you.

OK then, tell me more

There are multiple options starting with getting your priorities right for the year(s) ahead and all the way up to a whole year of modules to set you up for life-long success. In addition to the Spell your Life programme (divided into three beautifully-named courses, Fairy-Tale Beginnings, Magic Within and Spell It Out), there are some new additions: Your 3 Wishes to determine your life goals, and Your Magic Mirror, to help you see your own beauty and value.

All courses are available as tiered services: coaching, whereby you get one-to-one sessions with the Fairy Godmother herself; postal, you’ll receive all those lovely parcels right to your home to work through; virtual, you’ll receive digital versions of the modules right into your inbox.

What else?

All content is carefully curated and the exercises and guidance suggested are carefully designed to flow within your normal day and not become overwhelming. Little props and tools are provided to help you to be mindful throughout the day, with sheets to track things that you have noticed. In fact, you can spend as much or as little time on this project as suits you.

Does it work?

Don’t take my word for it – check out the rave references on Claudia’s website. ‘It is making me really think and ask myself important questions. Thank you!’ ‘The course is a great way to look inward at things we often ignore or take for granted – such as stress triggers or negative behaviour.’ ‘After 10 weeks I already notice a different in myself. Having two weeks for each module is also just the right amount of time to do the exercises and have time to reflect. This way the program easily fits my busy life and I can’t wait to get to the next part.’ ‘The program has helped me reconnect with my positivity and the things that make me happy.’ Uh, shall I go on?

New for 2019

Don’t have time to commit to an annual course or want to test it out without paying an arm and leg? Your wish is being granted! And your other wishes can still come true, too, with Your 3 Wishes, a short course helping you improve your work/life balance. If you are living through career overdrive, this course will help you claim back your life! If you wish to reconnect to your dream, learn to put yourself first and gain confidence in your potential, this is for you. Your 3 Wishes includes exercises and guidance as well as lovingly created wish cards and a dream poster (postal option – £29) and you can opt for one-to-one coaching to gain even more understanding of yourself as you work through this (£97).

Claudia has also just released details of her new course, Magic Mirror, focusing on self perception and how to love yourself. You know your strengths and weaknesses, you live with them every day, and yet you judge yourself constantly. This course will help you look at yourself with new eyes and a loving acceptance. Do you wish you could love and accept yourself, go out into the world with confidence and understand your limiting beliefs and could change them? It’s time to look in the Magic Mirror! This is a 6 week experience including two modules of curated content and exercises (starting from £49).

Claudia is also about to start a fairy tale podcast: reading a story and giving thoughts and interpretation ideas; most importantly linking the stories of old to your life. The topic for January is Transformation and the first story is going to be Sleeping Beauty – head over to the website and sign up to the newsletter to hear about the release date.

So, are you ready?

Claudia is a big believer in living the life of your wildest dreams, and that you can have it all. She promises that your happily ever after really does exist and once you take back control and say ‘yes’ to living the life of your wildest dreams, you’ll have no limits! You’ll be more balanced, more trusting in your decisions and able to truly live your very own fairy tale life.

So, if you’re ready to join Claudia on a journey to unearth your inner diamond, learn to believe in yourself and live your happily ever after, look no further.  Wait, I’m right behind you!

Oh, and do let us know if you make your dreams come true!

Spell Your Life, Tel: 07867 350122,

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