Kate Bishop, Career & Confidence Coach

Looking for a career and confidence coach to make your Mondays as darn good as your Fridays? Look no further than this certified life coach, ready and waiting with a gold-dust skill set to help you have the life you want.

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If you’re desperate to make your Mondays feel more like Fridays, you need Coach Kate in your life. A fully certified Career Confidence Coach, Kate Bishop specialises in improving people’s working lives and helping you make changes.

With a strong focus on building career confidence and wellbeing, her clients (re)gain courage to do what they really want to do in their working lives, by rebuilding resilience and discovering purpose. Her expertise comes also from personal experience too, having been to the depths of depression and back due to a previous working life, so expect a deep understanding of how emotional wellbeing and mental health are crucial to a productive life. A star turn at keynote talks and workshops too, we wager if anyone has the positivity to help you, Kate does!

So whether you’ve a major career dream you want to make real, just need a little spur to take you to the next level, or your confidence needs a pep talk, book in for a chat today.

Sound interesting? Then make a beeline for Kate’s next workshop ‘Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome‘, on 27 March at Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham.

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