Gloucestershire & Worcestershire Awards


How do the Muddy Awards work?

The Muddy Awards operate in three stages:

Round 1: Nominations (18 April – 8 May 2023). Nominations open in 27 lifestyle categories. You may put forward one business in your county, per category per email address. 

Round 2: Regional Finals (17 May – 4 June 2023). A maximum of 5 regional finalists per category will be announced on 17 May 2023 and public voting in The Finals lasts from 17 May until 11.59pm, 4 June 2023 with Regional Winners being announced on 13 June 2023.

Round 3: National Finals (6 July- 25 July 2023). All Regional Winners will automatically go through to the National Finals and the Muddy Stilettos Editors will judge who is the &quo;Best of the Best&quo; to be crowned as National Winners on 26 July 2023.

Can I nominate a business?

Yes, you can nominate any business in your county providing it satisfies the category criteria. This might be a business that you are a customer of, or your own business.

What is the cost?

The Muddy Stilettos Awards remain FREE from start to finish.

Can I share my personal email Nomination or Regional Finals voting link when I nominate a business so that others can use it too?
No, it’s a link that is unique to you, and cannot be shared. To nominate or vote in the Regional Finals, you must sign in with your email address and a unique link will be sent. One link and one vote protects the Awards from possible voter fraud.

Are nominations carried over from the first stage to the second voting stage of Final?

No, the Regional Finals require you to choose between the 5 specific named Finalists in each category rather than nominating an individual, and therefore voting starts again from scratch. During the regional finals you must verify your vote via email. Simply check your email (including spam and junk folders) and click the ‘verify your vote’ button.

When will the Regional winners be announced?

Regional Winners will be announced on Tuesday 13 June 2023. No correspondence will be entered into. Winners will be privately invited to a Regional Awards party.

How do I enter the National Muddy Awards?

  • Every Regional Winner in every category will be put forward for consideration in the Muddy Stilettos National Awards 2023.
  • Muddy Stilettos Editors will be asked to mark their candidates accurately 1-10 using the Muddy Stilettos Awards judging criteria and we will create a National final of 5 per category.
  • Every Editor will be invited to put forward their case in a round table, as to why they believe their regional winners should win the contested categories. 
  • The final say on each category winner will go to Hero Brown, Muddy Stilettos’ Founder and Editor-in-Chief.
  • National Finalist announcement: 19 July 2023
  • National Winners announcement: 26 July 2023

What do I win?

Each Regional and National winner will receive:

  • A Muddy Stilettos Awards gold window rosette
  • A Muddy Stilettos Awards gold certificate
  • A Muddy Stilettos Awards website rosette 
  • Awards-related publicity with direct links to businesses on Muddy Stilettos for all winners
  • Networking opportunity with other local winners at the Awards drinks