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My Wellbeing Rituals: Jenni Rivett, PT to the stars

Want to kickstart 2021 with a spring in your step? We chatted to Chelt-based PT to the stars Jenni Rivett about how she injects a dose of wellbeing into her day. Kick the biscuit tin to the curb and read on for her energising tips and daily mantras.

Could there be anyone better to grill for wellbeing nuggets than an international fitness trainer to the stars? We think not.

Chelt-based Jenni trained HRH Princess Diana for seven year and is a former PT to the likes of Liz Hurley. Her Train Like a Woman workouts regularly pull in Zoomers from all over the world so it’s only fair we got her to share her trade secrets right? (and scroll to the bottom to WIN! three months of wondrous workouts).

Jenni’s Day

5.30am: I like to wake up early, before 6am, it’s my ‘quiet time’ before the demands of the day set in. I spend it saying some prayers and writing down three to ten things I am grateful for, it really helps me set a positive tone for the day.

6am: I drink a large glass of warm water with lemon juice. Whilst the kettle is boiling I’ll do some joint mobility moves for shoulders, hips, ankles and wrists. Age proofing them!

8am: I go and check my appointments for the day on the laptop and get ready accordingly, I teach three very early morning Zoom classes per week and will spend some time prepping for that, then I host it, it lasts an hour, exercising first thing really helps me build a sense of wellbeing for the rest of the day.

9am: At this point I am very keen for my first cup of coffee which is Lavazza ground coffee with a teaspoon of double cream!!! A little of something you love is good for the mind! Then, a good healthy breakfast is essential. I either have two eggs (whichever way) with avocado and smoked salmon or on wholegrain toast, or oats made with water and almond milk, a small banana, berries, mixed seeds and a dash of honey. I will also have another cup of coffee (yes, with the cream).

10am: I generally train clients online until midday – I always have a glass of water at my desk and a handful of raw almonds to munch on to keep up my energy levels and hydrate well.

1pm: Lunch is usually salad with either tuna or chicken on top – I add everything to my salads, but my favourite is mixed salad leaves with red onion, a few roasted pine nuts, avocado, celery, some shaved parmesan and a homemade dressing. Or sometimes it’s leftovers from dinner or soup and wholegrain bread (if I haven’t had bread for breakfast). Occasionally it’s a baked potato with tuna and salad.

2pm: I try and take some time out after lunch to run errands, do the shopping or go for a walk – I try and get 6,000 – 10,000 steps in 4 times a week.

3pm: This is always my admin time, so I busy myself tidying up and perhaps chatting to friends and family in the afternoon.

4pm: I always have a healthy juice late afternoon. I try and juice as often as I can just to keep my body alkaline – it’s mostly celery, cucumber, ginger and beetroot. I average about four juices a week. It means my blood sugars are stable too so I don’t end up getting cravings.

6pm: Dinner is normally quite healthy during the week. Chicken, fish or meat (once a week) with roasted vegetables, and/or salad. And always a green vegetable. On a Sunday which is a relaxing day for me with no exercise just walking, I often have a mid-afternoon lunch and generally won’t eat until Monday after my Zoom class. This is my once a week intermittent fast which always makes me feel healthy for starting the week. I do enjoy wine on the weekends with a meal, rarely eat desserts but love a cup of tea with some chocolate occasionally. I’ll eat pasta if I want and a roast dinner with all the trimmings. Oh and croissants fresh from the oven are a weekend treat! I don’t feel any guilt – guilt is a very negative emotion and can wreak havoc with your mindset.

7pm: I don’t watch much TV and my partner Andrew and I may watch a documentary or something on Netflix but I am adamant about getting a good night’s sleep after experiencing a bout of insomnia. It is quite possibly my NUMBER ONE health tip above and beyond anything else. I don’t have any screen time for at least an hour and a half before bed time.

8pm: One of my favourite wellbeing indulgences is a bath with essential oils and candles. I will try and body brush 3 -4 times a week before my bath as it is incredible for your health and lymphatic drainage.

9pm: By now I can hardly keep my eyes open so I head to bed and read for 15 to 30 minutes which generally knocks me out, getting a solid eight hours sleep is an essential part of feeling well for me.

Jenni’s 80/20 Wellbeing Principle

I have learnt that balance and moderation are key to maintaining a healthy relationship with food and exercise. The all-or-nothing principle does not work and sets the body up for failure.

Hence I live my life by the 80/20 principle and despite veering off track in my 20%, there are absolute non-negotiables included in my 80%.

Here’s how to do it:

· One and a half to 2 litres of plain filtered water daily.

· No more than 2 caffeine drinks per day.

· 4/5 alcohol free days a week.

· A large glass of warm water with a little lemon juice first thing.

· The right amount of good quality protein, including lean, red meat once a week.

· 5 cups of vegetables or salad either, raw, steamed or juiced.

· 2 fruits and ½ avo every day.

· Healthy, slow release carbs, such as organic oats, sweet potato, brown rice.

· Supplements: I take Omega 3, Astaxanthin, Vitamin D, Ester C, Collagen Powder, Magnesium Citrate. These are my regular supplements and occasionally I will take others if I feel I need them.

· Three one-hour workouts per week – intense and focused.

· 4/5 walks per week.

Jenni Rivett is a Fitness Trainer and Clinical Nutrition Consultant. Find out more here, and WIN! three months of Jenni Rivett Zoom workouts (we have two lots to give away). Click here to enter – good luck.


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